Traefik is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease.


This chart bootstraps Traefik version 2 as a Kubernetes ingress controller, using Custom Resources IngressRoute:


The Traefik HelmChart is focused on Traefik deployment configuration.

To keep this HelmChart as generic as possible we tend to avoid integrating any third party solutions nor any specific use cases.

Accordingly, the encouraged approach to fulfill your needs:

  1. override the default Traefik configuration values (yaml file or cli)
  2. append your own configurations (kubectl apply -f myconf.yaml)
  3. extend this HelmChart (as a Subchart)



With the command helm version, make sure that you have:

Add Traefik’s chart repository to Helm:

helm repo add traefik

You can update the chart repository by running:

helm repo update

Kubernetes Version Support

Due to changes in CRD version support, the following versions of the chart are usable and supported on the following Kubernetes versions:

  Kubernetes v1.15 and below Kubernetes v1.16-v1.21 Kubernetes v1.22 and above
Chart v9.20.2 and below [x] [x]  
Chart 10.0.0 and above   [x] [x]

Deploying Traefik

helm install traefik traefik/traefik


Helm v2 support was removed in the chart version 10.0.0.

Exposing the Traefik dashboard

This HelmChart does not expose the Traefik dashboard by default, for security concerns. Thus, there are multiple ways to expose the dashboard. For instance, the dashboard access could be achieved through a port-forward :

kubectl port-forward $(kubectl get pods --selector "" --output=name) 9000:9000

Accessible with the url:

Another way would be to apply your own configuration, for instance, by defining and applying an IngressRoute CRD (kubectl apply -f dashboard.yaml):

# dashboard.yaml
kind: IngressRoute
  name: dashboard
    - web
    - match: Host(`traefik.localhost`) && (PathPrefix(`/dashboard`) || PathPrefix(`/api`))
      kind: Rule
        - name: api@internal
          kind: TraefikService

Accessible with the url: http://traefik.localhost/dashboard/


If you want to contribute to this chart, please read the Contributing Guide.